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Contactless Menu

Safe Restaurant Dining

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Benefits of Contactless Menu

Increase comfort levels for your guests, make them feel safer by avoiding printed menus. Diners scan a QR code to view the restaurant menu and select dishes on their own devices.


COVID compliant

Local COVID compliance without single use paper menus or disinfectant.


Safer to use

Germ-free, greener, quicker and safer than the traditional paper menu.


Easy to update

Instantly change your menu in our menu builder. No expensive re-prints required!

How it works

3 easy steps to converting your traditional menu to the best-in-class digital menu experience.


Build menu

Use our menu builder on easily build your menu categories and menu items. Load food images to build a beautiful interactive menu.


Publish menu

Use the auto-generated QR code from menu builder software to print table tents or popup display at restaurant entrance.


QR code scan

Guest scan the QR code to load the menu on their mobile devices. They are ready to browse and select items to place order.

The Next-Gen Online Menu

Enrich your restaurant website menu with dynamic content


Dish-specific Review 
Guest Like and Share 
Social media integration


Website integration
Beautiful templates


RIch Data

Rich snippets enabled
Google structured data
Attract new guests


Live sync menu management
Unlimited menus
Specials instant publish

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